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Tumor size before image-guided brachytherapy is an important factor of local control after radiotherapy for cervical squamous cell carcinoma: analysis in cases using central shielding.

Yoshio K, Ihara H, Okamoto K, Suzuki E, Ogata T, Sugiyama S, Nakamura K, Nagao S, Masuyama H, Hiraki T. J Radiat Res.【Online ahead of print.】,2022

Up-to-date evidence on image-guided thermal ablation for metastatic lung tumors: a review

Matsui Y, Tomita K, Uka M, Umakoshi N, Kawabata T, Munetomo K, Nagata S, Iguchi T, Hiraki T. Jpn J Radiol.【Online ahead of print】,2022

Correlation between renal ablation zone in contrast-enhanced CT and non-enhanced MRI during the early period following percutaneous cryoablation

Umakoshi N, Iguchi T, Hiraki T, Matsui Y, Tomita K, Uka M, Kajita S, Araki M, Mitsuhashi T, Gobara H, Kanazawa S. Jpn J Radiol.【Online ahead of print.】,2022

Early enlarging cavitation after percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of lung tumors: Incidence, risk factors and outcome

Tomita K, Iguchi T, Matsui Y, Uka M, Umakoshi N, Mitsuhashi T, Sakurai J, Gobara H, Kanazawa S, Hiraki T. Diagn Interv Imaging.【Online ahead of print】,2022

IR in Japan

Iguchi T, Yamakado K. Cardiovasc Intervent Radiol.【Online ahead of print】,2022

Two Cases of Duodenal Ulcers That Developed after Transcatheter Procedures for Unruptured Visceral Artery Aneurysms

Iwamuro M , Kawai Y, Uka M, Matsui Y, Hiraki T , Kawahara Y, Okada H Case Reports in Gastrointestinal Medicine.2022:9988216,2022

MRI multiparametric scoring system for pial blood supply of intracranial meningiomas

Higaki F, Inoue S, Oda W, Matsusue E, Hraki T Acta Radiologica Open.11(4):1-8,2022

Hemothorax and bloody ascites caused by vascular Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Tanaka S, Honda H, Hasegawa K, Tomita K, Sogawa R, Yamamoto H, Hiraki T, Hirasawa A, Otsuka F. Am J Med.【Online ahead of print】,2022

In Vivo Microwave Ablation of Normal Swine Lung at High-power, Short-duration Settings

Iguchi T, Hiraki T, Matsui Y, Toji T, Uka M, Tomita K, Komaki T, Umakoshi N, Mitsuhashi T, Kanazawa S. Acta Med Okayama.76(1):57-62,2022

CT fluoroscopy-guided biopsy of pulmonary lesions contacting the interlobar fissure: An analysis of 72 biopsies

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Pneumodissection during percutaneous renal cryoablation resulting in massive subcutaneous and mediastinal emphysema

Tomita K, Iguchi T, Matsui Y, Uka M, Umakoshi N, Hiraki T. Diagn Interv Imaging.103(4):231-232,2022

Catecholamine Crisis Due to Cryoinjury of Adrenal Gland during Renal Cryoablation

Munetomo K, Matsui Y, Iguchi T, Tomita K, Uka M, Gobara H, Hiraki T. J Vasc Interv Radiol.33(3):350-352.e2,2022

Percutaneous needle biopsy under 1.2 Tesla open MRI guidance.

Matsui Y, Hiraki T, Sakurai J, Okamoto S, Iguchi T, Tomita K, Uka M, Yamauchi T, Gobara H, Kanazawa S. Jpn J Radiol.40(4):430–8,2021

Ⅳ.IVR 骨軟部腫瘍に関するアブレーション治療

馬越紀行、平木隆夫 Orthopaedics.35(5):188-193,2022


児島克英 レジデントノート増刊,24(5):822-831.2022

Ⅴ総論:非血管系IVRに必要なデバイス  癌に必要なデバイスを覚えよう

冨田晃司、生口俊浩、平木隆夫 これから始めるIVR.146-153,2022

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